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New Website and Facebook Page!

Good morning/afternoon/evening Sim Centralians! (And greetings to those following along from home!)


One of the exciting parts of being a community is we’re always looking for new ways to build connections and improve visibility for games affiliated with Sim Central. With that in mind we wanted to share two new elements with you.

  1. We’ve recently updated the Sim Central website at A big thanks to those members who made us aware of layout elements that made navigating the original site more difficult for some. 
  2. We’ve launched a Facebook page as a way to expand recruitment options for affiliated games and build another channel for folks to find their way into the community. If you’re on Facebook and want to let folks know about us you can like, follow, and share here: or search for us using @simcentralrp. 


Lastly we’re excited to share that as we continue to grow we’ve reached the exciting milestone of having more than 100 community members here. We’re so thrilled to have all of you with us!


                  - The Moderators (Beth, Brad, Kyle, Reece, Stephen)