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Welcome to Sim Central! Please read our community rules, and if you have any questions please reach out to a moderator.

Updated: April 12, 2023

Participating in the Community 

  • Sim Central intends to be a safe place where Black, Brown, and all LGBTQ+ persons can feel included. We recognize that eliminating these "Isms'' in our society is a process that can't be fixed with a snap of a finger.
  • Engaging in out-of-character prejudice or unsolicited innuendo towards server members, either directly or indirectly, will not be tolerated. At the same time, we will approach any offender with understanding and allow them restorative justice to those they offended.
  • Willful, repetitive, or blatantly offensive actions towards Sim Central members, human or artificial, will result in the moderators asking the offender to leave or direct removal. Up until then, we would be happier to talk and help foster understanding with diverse groups.
  • Please come into this community with your best intentions toward those different than you.
  • Keep Drama Out. While we hope to create a community we recognize that it's possible not everyone is going to get along. If you have a beef with a member, keep it off the public Discord. If you are having issues with bullying or intimidation from another member, contact a moderator immediately!
  • Mature language and swearing is permitted with some limitations (nothing excessive or inflammatory toward minorities etc).
  • To ensure transparency and a positive community environment community members may only have one Discord account associated with Sim Central. Should an account be subject to an unrecoverable password or hacking incident a new account can be created and the old account removed by the moderation team. Any attempt at ban evasion will be met with a permanent ban of all accounts and a report made to the Discord Safety Team.

Sim Central Affiliated Games

  • Affiliated games must select and display a content level for posts. Content levels address adult content -- specifically language, sexual content, and violence. Sim Central utilizes the RPG Rating System ( to ensure all members can identify levels for all affiliated games.
  • Any affiliated game that allows for a content rating of 3 in the sexual content or violence categories will require all players be eighteen or older. Additionally, any characters that are partaking in sexual acts or graphic written violence must be aged eighteen or older.
  • Members of affiliated games are required to be a member of the Sim Central discord. Game Managers cannot accept a player until they have joined and accepted these community rules. Any member that has not accepted the rules, or who departs the server, will be removed from any affiliated games.
  • Sim Central offers hosting services to members for their games. Creating new websites is labor intensive, and the hosting team are volunteers. Please be patient while awaiting the setup of your website. Sim Central reserves the right to deny or revoke hosting services at its discretion.

Updates to Rules

  • From time to time the moderators of this community apply updates to these rules in order to respond to the growth and unique needs of our membership. All members will be notified of changes through posts in the #announcements channel and other areas as appropriate. 
  • Please note that acceptance of these rules is tacit agreement to abide by necessary changes over time. We recommend you review any changes to the rules when they are announced.