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We’re Growing!

Since we were founded in January of this year, Sim Central has set out to create an inclusive space that is welcoming to people from a wide range of backgrounds who want to come together, geek out over our shared love of various fandoms, and enjoy a safe space to role-play together within those fandoms.

We started out with two indie Star Trek games run by the moderators and have grown to now encompass 11 affiliated games including one taking place in the Battlestar Galactica universe and another in the Harry Potter universe. A few fun statistics on our growth:


  • We now total more than 80 members. We began with roughly 15.
  • Sim Central games are now regularly advertised across 8 different platforms and the community is listed on
  • Over half of our games have been added to the community in the last 2 months.


We’ve been very lucky to have such an enthusiastic and positive group of people on the server and have made a few changes to help with the continued growth of our community:


  1. The original whimsical Arthurian roles have been replaced with clearer roles to help new members more quickly identify who everyone is.
  2. A GM Support role was created for members who have offered their time and expertise to help GMs with questions related to Nova.
  3. Stephen has agreed to join us as one of the Sim Central moderators. The moderators in this community manage the day-to-day goings on, moderate the Discord server, and engage with the technologies needed to support our community’s games, among other things. Stephen joins the moderators with significant technical ability and will be helping with the setup and day-to-day support of the games in addition to joining Beth, Brad, Kyle, and Reece in management of the group.


As always, we encourage our members to reach out to us if you have questions, would like to toss around ideas, or just want to chat. We’re here for you and we’re very glad you’re here.


- Your Friendly Sim Central Moderators: Beth, Brad, Kyle, Reece, and Stephen