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Sim Central Goes Live

Sim Central, the newest community for story-based role-playing games (RPGs), launched in early January 2021.

Sim Central’s organizing body, The Moderators, is excited to offer a community space encouraging participation for games in numerous genres. It is Sim Central’s goal to create a space for players to enjoy role-playing without the limitations of a traditional fleet-style organization.

A soft launch of the community with two Star Trek based games, USS Ulysses and Starfleet Command, took place earlier this month with two additional games joining within the last week. A fifth game, set in the Star Wars universe, is in development and expected to launch in the coming weeks.

As part of its commitment to making it easy to engage with a community of players without imposing unnecessary restrictions on storylines or ownership of intellectual property, Sim Central offers nova hosting and a dedicated space in the Sim Central Discord. A full list of hosting options can be found under Services.

If you have a game concept in mind you’re encouraged to send a message or drop in to the Discord to discuss.