Good morning/afternoon/evening Sim Centralians! (And greetings to those following along from home!)


One of the exciting parts of being a community is we’re always looking for new ways to build connections and improve visibility for games affiliated with Sim Central. With that in mind we wanted to share two new elements with you.

Since we were founded in January of this year, Sim Central has set out to create an inclusive space that is welcoming to people from a wide range of backgrounds who want to come together, geek out over our shared love of various fandoms, and enjoy a safe space to role-play together within those fandoms.

The Third Annual Khitomer Conference is coming up soon, Saturday, February 20, 2021 beginning at 10:30am EST. Mark your calendars now to join us for a fun day of engaging panels, community building, workshops, and so much more! 

Sim Central, the newest community for story-based role-playing games (RPGs), launched in early January 2021.